DeFi: Stasis Network Launches to Change Passive Income

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5 min readMay 15, 2023
Stasis Network

Between the bear market and #memecoin season, the crypto space is in flux. The aftermath of the market collapse in 2022 is disappearing over the horizon, and we are now debating if we are in a bull market or when it will start. In general, DeFi investors have grown smarter and have raised their standards for projects.

A new DeFi protocol called Stasis Network is launching on Polygon to exceed those expectations. Modeled as an on-chain mutual fund, Stasis aims to bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi. Targeting the growing crypto-curious crowd while providing the crypto space with a well-built, sustainable, and customizable passive income option for their bear market-tattered portfolios.

Built on a successful proof of concept that is more than a year old, Stasis brings proven deflationary mechanics and new features like Dynamic Strategies to the DeFi landscape. Paired with an experienced, professional team set to manage the protocol long-term, Stasis Network will become an industry leader and top destination for crypto portfolios everywhere.

Smart Network for Smart Users

On-Chain Mutual Fund

In the simplest terms, Stasis Network is an on-chain mutual fund. The Stasis ($STS) token is used as a medium of exchange between the individual users of the protocol and the mutual fund itself. This allows users to move in and out of the fund in a more liquid manner, without disrupting individual fund allocations so they can earn maximum yield.

By using more TradFi terminology to describe and guide users, Stasis can expand the borders of DeFi and crypto and appeal to a much larger audience. Instead of leaning into the more technical, innovative side of crypto, Stasis wants to usher in a movement of merging the traditional world’s tried and true systems with the opportunities and higher returns of the DeFi space.

Deflationary Tokenomics

A protocol’s tokenomics can make or break its ultimate success. Most protocols suffer from inflation, poor token allocations, or under-handed behavior of the team that results in capital losses post-launch. Stasis Network has designed its system to be transparent and fair.

The goal of the protocol is to grow the value of the mutual fund while decreasing the number of tokens in circulation. There are mechanisms in place that will burn tokens automatically, as well as the team will manually buy back and burn tokens when it is strategically viable to do so. Stasis will start with 260 million tokens, and that supply will start decreasing immediately. No new tokens will ever be minted.

To hammer home the ethos of fairness, there is no team allocation of tokens. No one will be getting free tokens. Every token will be accounted for pre-launch. The team is committed to the long-term success of Stasis and will be personally participating in the presale alongside the users.

Stasis Network

No Lock or Timers

One key tenet of Stasis Network is to avoid creating hostages. Therefore, in the protocol’s mechanics, there are no locking mechanisms or timers that users must wait out in order to avoid additional punitive fees or taxes. The team believes a free flow and organic volume will result in the best positive outcomes for users and protocol alike. Ask $CAKE how their unlocks have been going over the last month…

Because the protocol is an on-chain mutual fund, the ‘performance fee’ or ‘management fee’ associated with the fund manifests as small taxes associated with the token and features. Stasis worked through the mechanics to ensure these were fair, without feeling overly punitive.

The STS token has a 5% Buy Tax and a 10% Sell Tax. Staking has a 2% Stake/Unstake Fee, and Farming has a 4% Deposit/Withdraw Fee. These small fees propel the growth of the fund, amplify rewards for staking/farming, provide an additional runway for development, and help pull token supply out of circulation.

Revenue Destinations in Stasis

Dynamic Strategies

One of the most important features missing from passive income is customization. Every yield farm and staking pool pays a standardized way, and you, as the individual, have to manage the rewards manually. Stasis Network is introducing a system called Dynamic Strategies that will make passive income a little more passive.

In increments of 10%, users will be able to choose to Compound, Accumulate, or Take Profit on their staking/farming rewards. This will allow each individual to customize and automate their portfolio strategy within Stasis Network. The protocol will have a shorthand for this process, like 4/2/4 Staking or 4/4/2 Farming.

Dynamic Strategies will hand control back to the user. Even more granular, users can update these settings as often as they like, changing their strategies and their priorities or macro market conditions change. Or you can set it and forget, walk away for months, and your personalized strategy will run unimpeded.

Stasis Network will also feature an amazingly designed ‘Liquid Decaying’ NFT called the Stasis Viking Collection (SVC). Liquid because the NFT is redeemable for a fee. Not only will holders receive weekly rewards for life for holding, the contract ‘decays’ each week to ensure a healthy, consistent stream of rewards.

Final Thoughts

The DeFi space demands a new class of protocol. One that is designed well and operates as advertised. One that under-promises and over-delivers. One that prioritizes shareholder care over their own salaries. One that can demonstrate the knowledge and staying power required to weather the hard times and easy times with equal aptitude.

The key to Stasis Network’s success will not be in its small innovations but in its execution. There is so much in DeFi space that looks good on paper, but when the rubber meets the road, users are often underwhelmed. Stasis will reverse that by taking tried and true principles, familiar terminology, simple mechanisms, and a clear vision and turning it into a premier destination for any DeFi or crypto user.

To find out more about Stasis, follow the official links here:

Disclaimer: I am the CEO and Founding Partner for Stasis Network. While I am not paid for this editorial, I am required to be transparent about my association with the protocol. The project is a personification of my personal beliefs about how the industry should operate. However, I am still bound to ensure you, as the reader, are aware of this association.



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